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20 Songs That Lift Me Up

20 Songs that Lift Me Up

I LOVE music! I have music playing in the background most of the day. I wake up to a song playing in my head and it’s often one I haven’t heard in years and years. The iTunes on my cell will often just start playing a song in my library, and it’s often songs that aren’t even in a playlist. I have a playlist of my current favorite 20 songs, some of them are old songs and some are current hits on the radio. I add and remove songs from that playlist as time goes on. I have a calm playlist which is songs that I find mellow and relaxing. I have individual artist playlists on ones that I love most of their music Like Michael Franti. I have a LOVE list and a peace list. Then I have an UPLIFT ME list that is filled with songs that simply enhance my happiness.

I thought I’d share my favorite uplifting songs with you and if you have some to add, comment below as I always LOVE adding new ones to my playlist.

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