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Coming Clean on Love and Fear

 Let me introduce to you Carol 13 years ago. I considered myself a positive person, I LOVED big and I also got hurt big. I worked hard and gave everything and everyone my all. I was out to save the world and stood up for nearly every underdog, minority group I could. I wasn’t out on the streets protesting, but I was thinking and saying how unfair things were for them. 

A day came when I was threatened to be fired from a a man and a company I thought LOVED me and that very same day the man I  thought was the LOVE of my life chose a different path. I was crushed and defeated. That was a Friday and by Sunday I was mad, more so at myself for allowing others to define me as until  that very day I hadn’t realized how I played a victim in my life. And although in that moment I changed, it took days, weeks, months and even years to refocus my attention to what I want in my life and in my world. I had focused for years on what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to see ‘injustice, unfairness, and unhappiness” all the while thinking I was making a positive difference. And although I was making a difference it was fraught filled.

Flash forward to 2013 – it has not been an overnight change, it’s been a journey of focusing on LOVE over fear, diversity over difference, health over illness, and peace over conflict. It’s been stopping me in the moment when I see fear taking over. 

I believe deeply in my heart of hearts what I focus on is what I create. So I focus on spreading kindness in hopes of alleviating injustice. I spread free hugs in hopes of demonstrating LOVE over fear. The signs I hold will focus on what I want to see in the world.

There are so many people fighting and protesting admirable causes. I am often in support of their mission, yet their path isn’t my path.  I weep when I hear of injustices for people and animals and I send LOVE. My path sees LOVE over fear, peace over conflict, health over illness and I try and dig very deep to see the humanity in seemingly inhumane situations.

I’m happy to share my free hug signs as well as happy to create pro peace, pro health, pro kindness signs and stand with you in adversity. I’ve always lived a passionate life, my passion is simply refocused to seeing all the good in the world and expanding that rather than ‘fixing’ it.

So, the moral of the story, perhaps without the struggle and hurt I went through years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am today LOVING life more each day and shining light  on the goodness in people rather than fighting their fear. Perhaps my struggle was to show that you can walk through darkness and come out on the other side surrounded by such light it’s hard to remember the walk you just took. Regardless of our path differences I wish you all well on creating the world you want to see.


Big hugs and mucho LOVE, Carol

PS – I still LOVE big and work hard, the hurt hard moments come rarely and dissipate quickly.  

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