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Rest rather than shutdown.

It’s easy to smile when things are going well in life. How about when the proverbial sh!t hits the fan?

Well, that’s when it's needed most. I was having that kind of day last week. The woes of the world weighed me down. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Breonna Taylor. So much sadness and loss on so many fronts. Lack of sleep the night before. I have the tools to redirect my energy and yet nothing was working. So, I shutdown.

When I allow the world's woes to bring me down, I don’t go into ‘how can I make this better’ action, I go into shutdown mode.

I joined a new biz membership and immediately felt like I didn’t belong.

I was feeling unheard and unseen.

Now, there is a difference between shutdown and rest. Rest is to allow yourself to rejuvenate. Shut down is to recoil.

It took me longer than my standard return to focus on solutions rather than giving my attention to the woes of the world, but it happened. It doesn't happen often, but I am not immune to it. I went from shut down mode to rest mode and I got a better night's sleep. I regrouped, put on my smile, and went back to focusing on creating a kinder world for ALL with LOVE as my guide.

Rest if you need to, but don’t shut down. The world needs you to channel your inner RBG. I need you to and YOU need you to.

I see you. You matter!


I share my smile often.

Words to LOVE by:

"Smile, breathe and go slowly." - Thich Nhat Hanh

"Peace begins with a smile." - Mother Teresa

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness." - William Arthur Ward

Sounds for Your Soul:

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